Experience Has Taught Me….

August 8, 2013 4:06 pm

I have always been a food/nutrition/fitness enthusiast.  Feeling healthy will always be my focus, but feeling good about myself  is always my best motivator.  We all want to look and feel our best.

I have actually tried and tested loads of  diets. I have done a 7 day juice fast, several low carb and carb free diets, food combining systems, low fat regimes, paleo plans, and even a 30 day gluten free way of life!!  The most significant thing I have learned is that anyone can lose weight and feel better on ANY diet! It generally follows, that on any ‘diet’, calories are decreased and exercise is increased.  People tend to feel better following a set plan, but once the plan is over, real life begins.  Consequently, while following most of these ‘all the rage’  diets, the person has not learned how to tackle eating without a plan.  Many of these fad diets are not a way to live (unless there are health/medical reasons requiring strict rules and limitations).

What it all comes down to is routine, balance and moderation. You gotta mix it up, you gotta like what your eating. Live, love, eat, move and be happy!!

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