August 15, 2013 2:31 pm


Grocery1I recently received several emails inquiring about one of the services I offer.  As a nutritionist/food enthusiast, I offer grocery shopping tours.  It sounds pretty inane for the experienced foodie, however, for many it can be confusing, demanding or downright tedious.  I help clients prepare meal plans, develop recipes and grocery lists, and take them through the supermarkets and other food store wonders around the city.  I discuss healthier options within each food categories and note what to look for when reading food labels.

Who would benefit from this service?

  • University students moving out on their own
  • New couples creating a home together
  • Pregnant, nursing or new moms preparing to food for a new family
  • Individuals on a budget wanting  to buy healthier food
  • Individuals with food intolerances/ allergies
  • Anyone requiring a restricted diet

This is also a great opportunity to discover new foods and  new grocery stores in and around Montreal.  Perhaps food shopping will become an enjoyable routine!



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