My Favorite Protein Bar

September 9, 2013 1:33 pm

simplybar A client asked me what was my favorite protein bar and after little hesitation, I replied ‘the Simply Bar”.  I usually have a few stashed in my car.  Let me explain my personal position on bars/meal replacement bars,  I prefer to snack on fresh and whole foods.  However, there are times when I leave the house in a rush and my supply of nuts in my purse is bare.  I would much rather reach for a nutritious alternative when I am famished.  I don’t like being hungry.  I have a very efficient metabolism, and when my blood sugar falls I get irritable (ask my husband) and slightly dizzy.  Not only that, but if I wait too long to eat, then I tend to over eat at my next meal.  So, I like to leave the house prepared and armed with healthy goodies.

Simply Bars are:

  • gluten and casein free
  • high in protein (16 grams)
  • low in fat and sugar (160 calories)
  • high in fiber

What’s more, is they have great flavors, and now they  created several peanut free bars.

Another plus for me, is that this is a Canadian company conceived by a woman. How fantastic!!





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