September, a Time to Rebalance

August 26, 2013 11:00 am


I don’t know about you, but towards the end of the summer I feel like I have totally corrupted my health.  Endless summer cocktails, nonstop BBQ feasts, rich desserts masquerading as fresh summer fruits,  and then of course the short little walk for ice cream.

I don’t love the terms  ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’, not only are they overused, but they refer to a more serious approach.  I just want to get back on track! I want to reset my goals and rejuvenate. I’m feeling tired and sluggish now.  My sleep patterns are amiss.  My body is not eliminating properly. And what’s more, my workouts lack enjoyment and commitment.  This is how I know it is time to reconnect with my body.

I won’t follow a diet, and I won’t do a juice fast. I will focus on whole foods, exercise and routine. After Labour Day Weekend, I’m going to restore wellness in my life! Any followers? Give me a shout out!!


  • Anouk says:

    I want to do a lean cuisine type diet!!! I need portion control…are there any “better ones” , low sodium, healthy ones?

    • Bonnie Greenspoon says:

      Hi Anouk, thanks for the question. Although Lean Cuisine is low in calories and convenient, it is loaded in sodium. Also, it has too many ingredients to be considered clean and healthy food. Sodium is a natural food preservative however too much is never a good thing. Water retention while trying to lose weight is despairing. If portion control is your goal, prepare only the quantities you need per meal. It may be more time consuming, but it will help with overeating! For meals that time is a factor, choose frozen foods with the most veggies and lowest sodium. Weight Watchers Smart Ones has a few low sodium options!!

  • Anne says:

    Bonnie why don’t you make Bonnie Cusine foods for one week to kick start our portion control vegetarian style !! I will buy a weeks supply to start!!! After the holidays of course :!!!

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