The Gluten Free Craze

September 5, 2013 10:54 am

Why is a gluten free diet the new rage?   Will going gluten free help with weight loss? Hmmm, well that depends!  Going gluten free does not a diet make.  Being gluten free is a necessity for a small percentage of the population:  people  who suffer from Celiac disease and people with serious gluten sensitivity/intolerance.  For these individuals, gluten is an important  health hazard.

However, too many of people are  jumping on the gluten free bandwagon. Some for weight loss and others to feel better.  However, many are learning that omitting gluten from their diet is not a magic regime!  In fact, there is no hard evidence to suggest that gluten free diets help with weight loss.

If you exchange the wheat in your menus for all of the new trendy and expensive prepackaged gluten free products, you will likely see little change.  These “gluten free” products tend to be higher in fat and in sugar!! Have a look for yourself.  Furthermore, if not done properly, going gluten free can lead to a decrease in certain essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron and folate.

Those individuals who do experience success with this new trend were probably were eating too many refined starches to begin with.  They are likely more mindful of their food intake as most people are when they follow a nutritional plan.  Sure we can all benefit from a decrease in empty/unhealthy carbs, but let’s not eliminate out the entire list of  super healthy whole grains!  Here’s to moderation!!




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